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The following rules and regulations are put in place to protect all residents at Silver Linings Recovery Homes and to maintain a positive and productive sober living environment.

1. All tenants MUST attend a weekly house meeting. During this meeting, topics of discussion may include strides made in recovery, sponsorship, meeting attendance, involvement in the recovery community, education, employment and issues pertaining to residency at the sober living facility, among many others.

2. Tenants must attend a minimum of five Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings per week.

3. In order to verify daily meeting attendance, tenants must complete a meeting verification form to be shown to house manager/staff member during weekly house meetings held in our sober living facility.

4. Tenants must secure a sponsor and join a home group at an AA or NA meeting within the first 2 weeks of occupancy.  A sponsor is considered a member in the recovery community that is willing and capable of guiding the newcomer through recovery via the twelve steps and daily consistent communication. A home group can be describe as a meeting that one attends on a regular basis. The purpose of a home group is to attend a meeting consistently so that one begins to feel “at home” in the recovery community and forge strong, supportive relationships with others in recovery.

5. Clients are required to find employment, attend IOP, enroll in school or do volunteer work within the community. Daytime hours are highly preferred. 3rd shift jobs are not permitted. Volunteer work and school will only be acceptable in lieu of employment if resident has an alternative means to pay their expenses.

6. The use of ANY mood or mind altering substance on or off halfway house/sober living facility premises is strictly prohibited. As part of our zero tolerance policy, any tenant found to be under the influence of said substances will have their stay terminated and must vacate the premises within an hour of notice.

7. Possession of any mood or mind altering substance in any Silver Linings Recovery Home is strictly prohibited, will result in termination of stay and possible police intervention.

8. Tenants are subject to multiple random weekly drug tests. Failure to comply with a drug test will be taken as an admission to abusing drugs or alcohol and will result in termination of stay at Silver Linings Recovery Homes. A positive screening will also result in termination of stay at Silver Lining Recovery Homes.

9. Clients must abide by designated curfew times. All curfew privileges are contingent upon resident’s ability to follow all rules and regulations:
-Week 1: 10:00 pm
-Weeks 2-4: 11:00 pm Sunday thru Thursday and 12:00 am Friday and Saturday
-After week 4: 12:00 am Sunday thru Thursday and 1:00 am Friday and Saturday. Overnight passes are considered after 90 days and dependent upon progress and staff approval.

10. All visitors to Silver Linings Recovery Homes must cleared by a staff member. There are absolutely no overnight visits, and all visitors must leave the premises by 10:00 p.m. No visitors are permitted in any of the bedrooms at any time. Visitors must be with a resident at all times and may not be left alone on the property for any reason.

11. Violence or the possession or use of a firearm or any other weapon is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate termination of stay.

12. The following activities/behaviors are unacceptable during your stay at Silver Lining Recovery Homes: sexual activity of any kind on premises, gambling, theft, destruction of property, non-compliance toward rules and regulations and bigotry toward any resident. Partaking in any one of these will result in the termination of a resident’s stay.

13. Personal items, like cell phone and laptops, are permitted. Game consoles are not. Silver Linings Recovery Homes is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property. We suggest that you treat your property with the utmost care and do not bring anything in to the home of irreplaceable value.

14. Sharing of personal items, loaning money or lending of vehicles is not permitted.

15. All tenants must comply with the weekly rotating cleaning schedule and check off once designated task is completed. This will be checked during weekly house meetings.

16.  Each resident is responsible for keeping their Bedrooms clean and in order. This includes making sure your bed is made each morning and cleaning all surfaces and floors. All laundry must be put away immediately after washing.

17. For the benefit of all residents in the sober living house, it is mandatory that you clean up after yourself after using common areas. There is never a reason for used dishes to be anywhere but rinsed and in the dishwasher.

18. The dishwasher should be run once it has reached reasonable capacity, and dishes should be put away once the wash is cycle is completed.

19. All recyclable goods must be disposed of properly.

20. No burning candles, incense or smoking cigarettes in the house. Smoking is permitted outside.

22. It is not acceptable to eat another tenant’s food or use another tenant’s hygiene products. For this reason, we suggest labeling your food and using a shower caddy.